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‘I would have done it again’: Anders Breivik claims his massacre was motivated by ‘goodness not evil’
This article sheds some light into the warped psyche of Anders Behring Breivik, the “far-right killer” who murdered 77 fellow Norwegians last year. Breivik asked to be acquitted, saying he acted in self defense by defending his country from multiculturalism. In his 65-minute statement to the court he makes several incendiary comments that are painful to read. For instance he compares the teenagers of the Norwegian Labor Party (the prime target of his attack) to Hitler Youth — apparently not recognizing that the Nazi party had policies of extreme nationalism, anti-multiculturalism and execution.  As with all extremists, whether they be far-left, far-right or some third way, Breivik blames the press for tainting the minds of millions across the world. So then, where does one go to escape the constant brainwashing of the media? Only the most popular information site on the web.

“And what,” asked the prosecutor, “was your main source of information?” Breivik’s answer was emphatic: “Wikipedia,” he said. “The English articles there contained a lot of information.”


~ by Sean Ammerman on April 17, 2012.

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  1. I love wikipedia. It tells me all truths.

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