When grown men cry

2016-06-19 19.38.18

Watching my team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, win the NBA finals from my Vegas Apartment.

It’s just a stupid basketball game. Why should we really care so much? For people who didn’t grow up in Northeast Ohio, there’s no way to explain. For more than five decades our sports teams have been perennial losers. You can’t find another major U.S. metropolitan area that has gone so long without a sports championship. The amount of heartache that sports fans from the area have had to endure is incredible. Every year, when TV broadcasters play the perfunctory montage of Cleveland sports failures, the heartache grows. I truly never thought I’d live to see the curse finally broken. We’ve finally won. No more Believeland. We’re Titletown.

But it’s just a stupid basketball game. Shouldn’t I feel guilty that tears actually welled up when clocked hit zero? The Cleveland Cavaliers came back from being down 3-1 in the series to win game seven of the NBA Finals. Not only did we win it all in a great game, we defeated the Golden State Warriors. This was a team that won a record-breaking 73 games during the regular season. We were underdogs who beat a most worthy opponent.

The last time a Cleveland team won a major sports title was 1964. That year the Browns beat the Colts 27-0 in the NFL champion game. My dad actually attended the game and watched alongside nearly 80,000 fans at Cleveland Municipal Stadium as Gary Collins caught three touchdown passes in the blowout. A few years later, the NFL merged with the AFL and the modern Superbowl era of pro football began. Despite being the best franchise up to that point, the Browns have yet to achieve that level of greatness again.

As great as it must have been to see the Browns win a championship, my dad said that watching the Cavs clinch the NBA Finals was even better. Moments after tonight’s game ended, I received a text from my mom: “Dad is out of his mind!!! Crying.” Thank god I wasn’t the only one to tear up from watching a bunch of athletes throw a ball into a hoop.  I don’t care if getting this poetic about a sports game is pathetic. I’m going to enjoy this as much as I can.



~ by Sean Ammerman on June 19, 2016.

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